They Poured Fire On Us From the Sky ~ Reading Response #2

“When I reached the clearing, I gazed in shock at the roofless mud walls. What happened to Achol’s house? I went closer, hoping Achol would come out to greet me like she did every morning. But when I looked through the doorway I saw the worst thing I had ever seen. Bodies lay on the floor, shrouded in ashes. Burned alive in their house. These were my lovely friends. Achol was my best friend ever. I loved her so much. My eyes were fixed on the sight of death in front of me. I could not live with it.

     I couldn’t understand why people were killing us. Did Achol deserve to die? What wrong had we done to these people? Oh, Ma, why the killing?” (Alepho 53-54)

          After reading this passage from They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky, I was horrified that Alepho had lost one of his best friends. After reading this I had to go back and re-read it just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I put myself in his shoes and saw what he saw for a moment of his life. I would probably ask myself the same questions he asks. I would ask what we had ever done to them and why are we being attacked. This one moment in Alepho’s life must have been one of the many things that changed his view on people.


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They Poured Fire On Us From the Sky ~ Reading Response #1

“After harvest time, we sat in the dry field and dug with our feet in the soil for peanuts to play ketket, my favorite game. We pretended those nuts were our cattle and the boy who had the most nuts was the most powerful that day. It was important to me to win that game, but back then the small things defeated me easily. If I lost a silly game or even if food preperation took too long, I would pout in the corner, still as an empty pot.” (Benson 4-5)

          This passage from They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky reminded me of when I was little. When I was little, I believed that small things like losing a game meant it was the end of the world. I thought that these things were the most important in my life when they were probably the least important. However, importance is based on opinion most of the time. Also, whenever I was outside playing I would use small objects similar to peanuts and play with them. This reminded me of watching kids play pretend and stay entertained without needing complex things like video games. From this passage, I mainly learned that people don’t really need things like video games, phones, computers, or even televisions because people can survive and stay entertained with just simple objects. Another form of entertainment more common is dancing which doesn’t really require any technological equipment. Many people around the globe can’t afford video games or computers and they live entertained and happy.

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Chinese Cinderella ~ Vignette #5

Wu Chen Mei stands up to Niang and yells back at her saying that she is unfair etc.  Was there ever a time when you stood up for someone else? How did it feel? OR Was there ever a time you wished you would have but didn’t, why didn’t you?

          Most of the time while I am at school or somewhere I don’t really pay attention to anyone and try to avoid any conflict whatsoever. I never really notice if anyone is getting picked on because I don’t really pay attention to anything like that. If I see someone getting picked  on from now on I want to stand up for them and try to stop the conflict. I want to start speaking more and standing up for others.

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Chinese Cinderella ~ Vignette #4

Wu Mei has found true friendship with Wu Chun Mei.  Write about the most significant friendship you have had thus far.

         One of the most significant friendships I have had so far would either be my friend, James, Jerrod, Kelly, Shannen, Jordan, or Melissa, it is very hard to choose just one. My friend Jerrod is one of the only people I first knew here at HTHNC because he went to my middle school. While our moms are helping out with the art program at Reidy Creek Elementary, we can hang out and fuse glass, play with clay, or play Xbox360. He is also one of the only people I invite over to hang out besides those who come over for school work. My friends Jordan and Melissa went to my middle school but don’t go to HTHNC. Everyday after school Jordan, Melissa, and I would walk home together because our houses were all on the way to school with Jordan being the closest to school and me being the farthest. Sometimes in the mornings, I would ride to school with Jordan and on the way back from school we would meet up with Melissa who would be walking home and we’d stop riding and walk our bikes with her. If my mom picked me up from school we would stop on the way and pick up and drop off Melissa. My friend Shannen was always there with me while we were the only eighth graders in a sixth grade class, helping out because we were teachers aids. In class, we’d sit in the very back at a table and received a few questionable glares from the students. We had many inside jokes that I do not want to really get into. I really wish I had the time to talk about each of my many friends… 🙂

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Chinese Cinderella ~ Vignette #3

Wu Mei witnesses Little Sister getting beat by Niang.  She herself is punished for not apologizing about the tram money. Question:  What do you think is the best way to discipline a child? or teenager?

          The best way to discipline a child or teen depends on what you’re disciplining the child or teen for. A child who is not sharing really just needs a time out and a talk. However, if he or she hit someone, then he or she should get a longer timeout, something taken away, and a talk. If it is a teenager, they should get something taken away like their cellphone, computer, video games, TV, or even to not allow he or she to not hang out with any friends. You could even have him or her write an essay on what they did wrong and what they should have done. I believe that if someone does something wrong they should be disciplined in someway, so that it is less likely that they do it again. If he or she is not disciplined, he or she might think that it is okay and continue doing whatever they aren’t supposed to be doing such as not sharing or hitting.

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Chinese Cinderella ~ Vignette #2

Wu Mei’s grandmother Nai Nai dies and she is forced to spend the night in the room with Nai Nai’s body. Write about your first experience with death.

          My first experience with death would be when my mom put her cat, Max, to sleep but I barely remember how I felt because it didn’t have a very big impact on me mainly because I was really little and because he was a really mean cat.

          I have also had numerous fish that died but I quickly got over them. 

          My second experience with death would be when my great grandpa died but it also didn’t have a very big impact because I was really little.

          One of my most recent experiences with death and the one with the biggest impact would be when my aunt, died. She was really close to my family and we’d go all the way up to Palm Springs to see her, my uncle, my cousins, my grandpa, and the rest of the family. My Aunt had breast cancer and she had been fighting it for a while, she started to get better but then got a lot worse until the doctors said they couldn’t do any more. My family went up to visit her in the hospital a couple times and then I started to go up with just my dad and visit her over the weekends. It was really sad to see her laying there in bed incapable of doing anything. Once she passed away my family went to my Aunt’s funeral which was really long and sad. At least she is no longer in any pain or misery.

          Soon after my great grandma passed away because of old age. My dad and I went up there for the funeral while my mom and brother stayed home because my mom had to teach and my brother had school. I wasn’t as close to my great grandma as my aunt mainly because my great grandma only spoke Italian and I couldn’t understand her and could only guess, however sometimes I wished I could understand what she said.

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Chinese Cinderella ~ Vignette #1

‘Describe a time in your childhood when you won an award or medal.’

          In first, second, or third grade at North Broadway Elementary School, I was chosen as the one student representing my grade level and I received an award for doing such a great job. I went to the district office one night with my mom and dad, and stood in the front of a room crowded with people with four other students one representing each of the first through fifth grades and a few others from the other schools in the district. Right now I can’t remember what the award was exactly for but I do know that I was the only on in my grade to receive it which made me feel very proud of myself. At the end of the ceremony meting type thing I was leaving with my happy family when one of the teachers gave me a little bag of candy which made me even happier because you can’t eat an award but you can eat chocolate. Later on that week during Friday morning assembly, I was called up in front of the whole school with the couple other students and was recognized once again. I want to keep doing great in school even if I don’t receive an award for doing so because the feeling of having done my best still makes me feel great. Although not as great as if i got chocolate. 😉

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