Los Maestros Creativos

This creative masters project from spanish class is all about discovering unique spanish-speaking creative masters, and rexpressing their work, and the feelings we get from their work, in our own way such as music, movie, art or even food. The creative master I discovered is Joaquin Torres-Garcia, an Uruguayan Painter/Sculptor.

For the creative masters project I had to assemble three final products; a digital presentation, a re-expression piece, and a creative writing piece in spanish.

First, is my digital presentation that talks about Joaquin Torres-Garcia’s main influeces and also includes my poem at the very end:

For my reexpression piece I recreated Joaquin Torees-Garcia’s painting, Composition with Fish and Sun, out of fused glass.

Painting by Joaquin Torres-Garcia:

Composition with Fish and Sun

Recreation by Anthony Arcaro:

Fish and SunClick Image for Large Size


This project went really well because I didn’t really encounter any technological problems and my movie turned out great. I also really liked the creative master I chose, and his life story and influences were very interesting. The only big problem I had with my creative masters project was that when I was cutting the glass pieces for my recreation, I had to worry about not losing one of the tiny, but important, pieces and having to re-cut it. I also had problems cutting the glass pieces the right size and shape to fit together perfectly and look correct.

The most meaningful thing about this project is that I was able to have an in-depth look at Joaquin Torres Garcia’s life and explore the culture around him. By looking at his paintings, I was able to see how the different styles of art such as frescos, indigenous art, and Mondrian’s work influenced Joaquin. This allowed my to connect with many different aspects of his life.

By doing this project I learned that The School of Fine Arts of Barcelona, French Impressionism, planismo (flat-ism), Ancient Greece, Uruguayan painter Rafael Barradas, abstract art, Pre-Columbian and indigenous art, native Indians, and industry greatly shaped Joaquin Torres-Garcia and his work. He soon began to split away from his peers in his feeling that industry was the enemy of creativity, and that art should be permanent and unchanging, not innovative and progressive. He also believed that art should incorporate human experience, and that geometry was the most effective and universal means to represent that experience. From that he created his own theory of art, which he called Universalismo constructivo (Universal Constructivism). His desire main idea was to found a truly Latin American art.


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