Project Sheet

Physics in Your World

 The goal of this project is for students to become “experts” on a specific area of physics and to show their class how that area of physics portrayed in the movies. 


Scope of Work 

Each team of three (3) will work together to create a 5 minute movie trailer that shows the audience the big ideas of the physics topic. The team will be divided into three different jobs:

  1. Producer: this person will be the point person for creating the movie.
  2. Researcher: this person will collect the information needed to effectively communicate the big ideas of the topic.
  3. Writer: this person will write the script that will be used in the voiceover of the movie.

 All team members are responsible for group work so absence or lack of effort of a group member should not affect the continuance or progress of the project. Make copies, leave work in a safe place, don’t get sick and don’t say “My partner has all the work and isn’t here today.” No excuses, the project must go on! The following materials will be provided:

 Deliverables The following is a list of products that will be handed in during the course of this project.





End of Day



Sept 11

-Team name and task assigned-List of possible movies

 Grading Criteria

The students will be working in teams of three (3), but they will each receive an individual grade. The varying weights for the following criteria will determine their overall score.– Thoughtfulness & Thoroughness– Work Ethic & Behavior– Deadlines & Deliverables– Exceeding ExpectationsThe outline will be graded individuallyEach team member will also grade the performance and effort of their fellow teammates.  



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