The Cost of Cool

Project Review:

Did you know that most advertisements deceive you? They make you want to buy their  product even if it doesn’t work. For the Cost of Cool project, we learned about the methods of persuasion used in propaganda. Some of the methods of persuasion are, card stacking, bandwagon, glittering generalities, name calling, and transfer. One of the most common methods is, ‘ Testimonials ‘. Testimonials is when a well known or popular person endorses a product, saying that you should have it because they have it, and you know you want to be like them.  


For the Project:

First, we had to get into groups of three so I got into a group with James and Eleni.  Eleni was the project manager who kept everything organized, James was the speech specialist who had to write a persuasive speech and sell our item to the people, and I was the art specialist who was in charge of the propaganda poster.

Next, we had to come up with an object or idea to sell. We came up with many but eventually decided on a Money Shrub. The Money Shrub is the next biggest thing! If you’re in need of some cash, buy the money shrub that will grow you money! Everyone knows money doesn’t grow on trees, it grows on shrubs. But not just any shrub, only our scientifically engineered, money shrub.

  Then, we chose the type of persuasion we would focus on when we made our propaganda piece. The type of persuasion we chose is card stacking which is when you mainly focus on all the good things about your product and just mention the side effects or negative things.After deciding that we would use cardstacking, we each made a poster and fought over whose was better. We couldn’t decide so we asked the other groups to choose one and most chose mine. So, we used my propaganda piece: –Money Shrub Poster– 

I really like this project and hope we have one similar and maybe even the same group because everyone did their part and we all contributed to each other’s posters, and even James’ speech.   -Anthony A.


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    Jake Phelps said,

    I like your money shrub poster

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