Spoken Word

The Cruise to Alaska

A great big state

The biggest state

Far too north and hard to get to

To Canada we flew

We boarded a cruise.


We stayed on the boat rocking back and forth

For two whole days my stomach wasn’t on my side.

We slowly went north as we were preoccupied



So much food

So many decisions

There was pizza of every flavor

Pasta of all types

Breads, Soups, Salads

Ice cream and toppings

It was an endless buffet

Full of food day by day, by day again.


We soon reached our first destination

A time for celebration!

A time for recreation

We took a tram to the top of a mountain

We looked down from above

It was a perfect illustration

It beat all expectations

We saw many eagles

Perched here and there

Golf balls in the surrounding trees

We went for a hike still higher up

We ended up at our destination.

A panoramic view

Waterfalls and snow-capped mountains

A moment of silence

Time stopped in its tracks…


No cars

No sirens

No telephones


Only the hushed breeze

And shaking leaves


Time resumed

Away we tread


We boarded the boat and waited

Waited for the coming day.


The next day came and off the boat we went

The sky was grey the ground was wet

The rain just wouldn’t stop


We ran for cover into the nearest shop

A shop full of tourists and expensive knick-knacks

It was crowded, vacuum-packed

We decided to leave and were soon soaked

But we stayed strong and marched on forward

We walked and walked on towards a hatchery

We paid the fee

And were welcomed by a bald eagle

He stared at us only meters away

Cameras clicked

Camcorders beeped

Time passed by so quick

We had to get aboard the ship

Once we did we drifted to sleep.


We woke up the next day not at a port

But heading towards a block of ice.

After waiting

And waiting

We arrived

It was amazing a few miles tall a few miles wide

It was all the shades of white and blue

It was as cold as dry ice

And my hot cocoa was oh so nice.

As we left the great glacier,

The wall of ice

We entered the open ocean

Heading towards tomorrow’s port

The very next day we arrived at a place

A very small town in the middle of nowhere

Icy Strait Point

We first headed into the cannery

Where we decided to go on a bear search.

We got onto a bus and rode

We went from asphalt to dirt

It was quiet…

Until we heard


The bus rolled to a stop

There was and actual bear on the side of the road

No more than 6 feet away

Again cameras clicked and people shouted

But the bear was confused and just as curious…

We soon moved on and came to a clearing where we got out.

There was a tour guide in the front and a ranger with a rifle in the back

We walked on wood planks floating on mud a good 8 feet deep


Soon we came to an over look

 We searched and searched for a bear but not one in sight

We then headed back to the bus and back to the boat

On the bus the tour guide talked about how the people in this town only have one shop

Ace Hardware

Everything else, underwear, and similar items you could only order online.

We then boarded our current home,

The ship for one last time


Again we were sick to our stomachs

Just in another state,

There is a whole other way of life

Another culture

People not far from us who survive on less

A lot less.


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