Project Sheet



Throughout the course of this project students will learn the importance of civic involvement in the United States, how to be active members of society and how to inform the public using objective and unbiased forms of communication. Most importantly they will learn that they have a voice and that their voice matters regardless of their age, gender, race or ethnicity. 

  1. How do political campaigns/presidential elections seem to bring out the best and worst in people?
  2. How can U.S. Citizens receive balanced information and make informed decisions?
  3. How can teenagers take an active role in educating the public and spreading political awareness in their communities? 
  1. Students will read George Orwell’s classic novel, 1984. Students will define and reflect upon themes from the novel through discussion and written reflections. Students will compare and contrast Orwell’s prophetic society with present day society.
  2. Students will understand candidates’ platforms on a variety of issues and create an objective and balanced Public Service Announcement to be presented in a public forum for legal voters.
  3. Students will analyze political cartoons, discuss their role throughout American History and create their own informative political cartoon.
  4. Students will debate political and international issues with fellow classmates.
  5. Students will create spoken word poetry that expresses their concerns or hopes for the future.

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