Persuasive Essay

Anthony Arcaro

September 22, 2008

Macs vs. PCs

Macs or PCs, which one is better? That is one question that anyone in the 21st century must answer. Some may choose a PC but many will choose a Mac. Why? Macintosh laptops are more creative and efficient than PC laptops. That’s why.

            One reason to get a Mac is because Macs come with more free creative applications than PC laptops. Macintoshes come with: iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, Garageband, PhotoBooth, iCal, Frontrow, iWeb, and many others. Applications such as Garageband and iMovie can, and probably will, bring out the artist in many, whether it is music, video, or something else! PC laptops however, only come with Windows Vista, Works, media center, and a couple others. The software that PCs come pre-installed with isn’t as creative as the software Macs come with. Many PC users argue that the games or software that they need only run on Windows ‘which only runs on PC’. However, Macs with OS X Leopard come pre-installed with Boot Camp. Boot Camp is a free application that allows Macs to run a Windows based application or software after installing Windows on their Mac. This eliminates any argument PC users may have against Mac software availability.

            Macintosh laptops also have a longer battery life than PCs. Macs can last for about three and a half hours on a full charge with the DVD drive spinning and the screen on full brightness. Three and a half hours is long enough to watch a whole movie and still have enough time to write an essay. If the battery gets too low, the computer automatically goes into sleep mode, protecting the battery and that essay that you forgot to save. PCs with a ‘nice’ big screen last only around one and a half hours on a full charge. The PC’s battery lasts for a very little amount of time because it’s using up all its energy powering the ‘nice’ big screen. The Macs’ battery lasts so much longer than the PC mainly because of the PC’s big screen. Would you rather watch half a movie on a bigger screen or watch a full movie on a screen that’s only a little smaller? I think most users would choose the power of a Mac.

PCs are less efficient and creative when compared to Macintosh laptops. Macs are far more efficient than PCs because if you are in the middle of a project on a PC, you won’t have nearly as much battery time than if you had a Mac. Many PC users argue that PCs have more software than Macs. However Macs can use all Mac software and windows software. Fans of PCs have no argument when it comes to the diversity of today’s Macintosh computers. 


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