Endersession – Ocean Conservation


Day 1 – Fishing at Discovery Lake



One thing that really struck me today was that nobody caught a fish except for Mr. Leader. I was also surprised that Discovery Lake was relatively close to the school eventhough it was a pretty far walk. It is sort of amazing how close by there may be a lake or pond where you can fish. One thing that I learned about fishing, is that it is hard to get the bait onto the hook and to stay on the hook. The worm kept moving around, and was really small, so it was extremely hard to get it onto the hook. Sometimes the bait even fell off in the water if the line got stuck on the grass/seaweed stuff. I also re-learned how to cast the fishing line into the water. I hadn’t fished for a couple of years so I long forgot how to cast the line. At first, I couldn’t make the line go into the water. However, after trying again and again I was able to make it go around 10 feet off the shore and into the water. Eventhough only Mr. Leader caught a fish we still had a nice walk over, and I still had fun trying to fish. Almost every time, I thought I had caught something but hadn’t, it was just the grass/seaweed. Overall, I believe I had a lot of fun.

Day 2 – Snorkeling, Children’s Pool, and Tide Pools at La Jolla Cove

Today, we went to a part of La Jolla Cove where we got to climb through some of the caves, swim, and snorkel. At the part of La Jolla Cove that we were at, we saw two sea lions, both in and out of the water. Although I didn’t really get to see one when I was snorkeling, I saw many garibaldi, anchovies, kelp, and more. I had been diving off of La Jolla Shores, which isn’t very far away, so I kind of had an idea of what it was going to look like before I went in. However, once I got in, I saw that it was totally different than I had expected. It really struck me that two places not far from each other could be so different. After snorkeling at the cove, we ate lunch and walked down past Children’s Pool. At Children’s Pool we saw many cute sea lions and one even came up onto the beach. There, I learned a lot about the argument over whether the sea lions at Children’s Pool should be scared away so that the humans could use it or to leave them there because it is a breeding ground. Although we didn’t go down to the Children’s Pool, I still enjoyed watching the seals and the squirrels climbing around on the cliff. We then walked further, down to some tidepools and got to hop around on the rocks. There wasn’t too much marine life besides some anemones, crabs, and interesting rocks. Overall, at La Jolla Cove, we saw a lot and learned a lot too which made it both fun and interesting.

Day 3 – Birch Aquarium and Tide Pools in La Jolla











Today, we went to the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla. We entered the aquarium through the side entrance and then went off on our own. One of the things that really struck me, was that the aquarium was really nicely laid out. From the main entrance, the tide pools are in the back, the main aquarium on the right, and the learning part of the museum on the left. The aquarium had the exhibits in order based on climates and habitats so the Northwest Coast was first and then Southern California, the Kelp  Forest, Mexico, and then the Tropical Seas Gallery. The aquarium seemed to have a nice selection of fish including Blacktip Reef Shark, Black Rockfish, Zebra Moray Eel, Garden Eels, Stonefish, and many more. Another thing that really stuck me was the size of the Giant Sea Bass in the Kelp Forest room. I never really thought that a bass could get that big ( see photo above ). After visiting the aquarium, we  ate lunch and then walked down through Scripps Institute of Oceanography to Scripps Pier and the tide pools nearby. At the tide pools, we saw many crabs and sea anemones. We also saw a couple star fish. After a little while it started to rain so we started heading back. Then we heard thunder and it began to hail. It was raining, hailing, thundering, and sunny all at once, as we were running to the pier for cover. The whole way, I was trying to keep my camera dry, because I had left my backpack behind. However, after a couple of minutes it stopped. Dr. Parag and I were taking pictures of the hail and rain on the way back and we were both surprised to see that the hail was the size of large marbles ( see picture ). Today was a really crazy and unexpected day, however, I still learned a lot about the ocean.

Day 4 – Fishing at Oceanside Pier




Day 5 – Fishing at Discovery Lake, Buying Fish at Fish House Vera Cruz, Dissections, and Making Sushi






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