Vision Board

          In this project, we had to come up with al the things we love in life. Most of the things that I like are nature oriented such as Alaska, Hawaii, Elephants, Swimming, and scuba diving. Then we had to find pictures in a magazine or photographs. Almost all of my images are photographs that I took. The only photos that I didn’t take are of the scuba diver, the tiny little elephants, and the green Hawaii blob. I printed the photos at different sizes and cut them into different shapes to make the composition of my painting interesting. I also overlapped my images to make my vision look more like a collage.

My vision:

         In life I want to maybe live in Alaska with a couple of pets, not have to worry about anything and to make enough money to travel almost anywhere I want. On my vision board I put many pictures of Alaska and Hawaii because I want to travel to places like that. I put photos of my pets now, because I want to have awesome pets like the ones I have now.Photographs of animals and nature are also on my vision board because when I am around that kind of stuff, seperated from the loud city and commotion, I feel like I don’t have to worry about anything.


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