Inspirational Person Art Project

          My inspirational person is Thomas Mangelsen because he is a well-known nature photographer. Mangelsen really likes to take pictures of birds, bears, landscapes, and more while I also like to take pictures of birds, animals, and even landscapes. The first picture of Mangelsen that I chose was of him and his dog.


I decided not to use that photograph because, the dog seemed to fade away and it looked like Mangelsen had no head when I photoshopped it.


I ended up choosing the photograph of Mangelsen where he was behind his camera.


I also chose this image because there was a lot more contrast after I photoshopped it.


In art, we created a multimedia painting of our inspirational person. For this project we learned about the different color schemes such as monochromatic or achromatic, the composition of a paintings such as where to put what, and even how to use Photoshop on the computers. I decided not to use the achromatic or the monochromatic color schemes, because of the photograph of Mangelsen that I chose. If I had chosen one of those color schemes, Mangelsen would have blended into the background and you wouldn’t really be able to tell what it was a picture of. I decided to put the photographs of nature, which Mangelsen took, in the sky because it was the part of my painting with the least amount of distractions and wouldn’t really take away from the photos. I also decided to put them there because I spilled some paint there and it wasn’t blue or white and when I tried to wipe it off, it smeared. So I was able to fix my painting. There are also a couple of other projects I wish I were able to change or fix.

Inspirational Person

Inspirational Person Artist Statement:

            The person I chose and painted for the inspirational person project was Thomas D. Mangelsen. I chose Mangelsen for this project because he shares a passion for photography, loves the outdoors and has even graduated with degrees in zoology and wildlife biology. I first heard about Mangelsen from my mom because her friend likes his photographs. I first really learned about him from when we had to find our favorite photographer/image for yearbook/photography class.

            Mangelsen is a well-known nature photographer. He is still living today and is the CEO of Thomas D. Mangelsen, Inc. In 1974, he was a cinematographer, and was able to film whooping cranes for National Geographic. The resulting television special, “Flight of the Whooping Crane,” was even Emmy-nominated. In 1994, Mangelsen received the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” award from the BBC and in 2005 he was named one of the 100 most important people in photography by American Photo magazine. In 1990, Mangelsen photographed and produced the PBS Nature and BBC Natural World film, “Cranes of the Grey Wind.” Mangelsen’s work has been published in National Geographic, Audubon, National Wildlife, Smithsonian, Natural History, Newsweek, Wildlife Art, American Photo, and National Wildlife and he has even been featured on television programs. He has written a few art books and even books for young readers too.

            Thomas D. Mangelsen has to be passionate, scientific, patient, alert, and quick. He must be passionate because he travels to faraway places to take photos of eagles, lions, elephants, polar bears, dolphins, gorillas, and moose. Mangelsen is scientific because he must know about the animals that live in the area around him and to know their habits or characteristics. He has to be patient because if he moves to quick the animals would run away. He has to be alert so that he can wait for the animals to do something that will make the perfect picture. He finally has to be quick to take the photo at just the right time.

            If I could talk to Mangelsen today I would ask him; when did you first start to really like taking pictures, what is your all-time favorite picture, how many photographs do you usually take on an average day, and how many would you take on a trip. I would also ask him if he uses digital or film and which one he prefers. If I could spend a day with my inspirational person I would want to be in Africa taking photographs of elephants and maybe even lions.

            The characteristics that Mangelsen has and that I wish I had are being patient and quick. I want to be patient so that I can take great pictures and not scare all the animals away and be quick so that I could take that perfect picture just in time. Even though I’m not very patient now, I can keep trying to become more and more patient.


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