Art History Project

          The art history project is about exploring all of the different artists, and their work, around Shakespeare’s time. I never knew that in one time period their could be so many different things from portraits of fruit people, to Asian palaces, to religious scenes. For this project, we were able to make a slide show and paint a picture of a section of the painting we chose. The artist that I chose is Giuseppe Arcimboldo. The painting of his that I chose to recreate a portion of is ‘Summer’. This painting is a portrait of a person constructed out of fruit and vegetables. I thought that this painting was very cool and had a lot of interesting aspects such as it’s composition. 


The part of this painting that I recreated is the face.

Summer Painting


I really liked how I was able to find something interesting and show it to the class. Most of the kids in my class have probably never seen much of Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s work before.

Why is studying the early history of art important today? 

          Some of the earliest forms of art are cave paintings, carvings and statues. During the time periods of early art, there were no photographs or videos. The only way we could have a visual representation for that time period is through art. Tools that early civilizations used/created may show us how that culture may have survived but not what they acted like. Art like cave paintings gives us a great example of how a culture expressed themselves. The materials they used for paint is an example of their technological advances. Back then they may have used berries and now we use chemicals. Years from now they might even be using something totally different. Studying the early history of art today is a very important window into the past in many ways.


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