They Poured Fire On Us From the Sky ~ Reading Response #5

“Any visitor who came to the camp could only go around the community accompanied by three officers. When they came to visit our house, one officer would arrive first and instruct us, “There is a visitor, so please keep quiet and we will explain everything to him.” They didn’t want us to speak. If the visitor asked about something, they were ready with an answer that made themselves look good.”

In this part of the book, which is nearing the end, they are stuck in a camp where officers do not let anyone escape and everyone is stuck in the middle of nowhere where they can’t be found. If someone does come the officers make everyone else quiet and make themselves look great by acting that everyone was fine and they didn’t need anything. All of the boys however, belived that the officers were telling the complete opposite of what was really happening which made them really angry. If I was one of those boys I would try to tell the visitor the real truth without letting the officers see or notice me. The boys are stuck in a camp run by ruthless officers and if they try to escape they are cruely punished. If I was in that situation I would feel like there is no reason to continue and if I escaped I would just be returned.


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