The Kite Runner ~ Reading Response #2

“Hassan held the slingshot pointed directly at Assef’s face. His hand trembled with the strain of the pulled elastic band and beads of sweat erupted on his brow.

‘Please leave us alone, Agha,’ Hassan said in a flat tone.” (Hosseini 42)

In this part of the book, a bully, Assef, confronts Amir and Hassan. Assef doesn’t like how Amir hangs out with a Hazara, Hassan, and gets out his brass knuckles. Assef is right about to beat up Amir when Hassan gets out his slingshot and tells Assef to go away. Hassan thinks that Amir is his friend and stands up for the both of them while Amir is lost in thought, wondering if he considers Hassan a friend or servant. Amir doesn’t stand up for himself and not even for Hassan. Hassan however stands up for the both of them to one of the worst bullies ever. Hassan feels like he should protect Amir and wants to do anything for him. This might hurt Hassan in the long run or at least get him into trouble. Amir probably won’t stand up for him either unless something happens and Amir becomes more confident in himself to stand up for his friend and himself.


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