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Roller Coaster Physics

Listed below are the forces found on a roller coaster.

  • Gravity
  • Friction
  • Centripetal force
  • Inertia
  • Kinetic and Potential energy
  • Momentum

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The Kite Runner ~ Reading Response #3

“… spending a day like that with Baba, hearing his stories. I finally had what I’d wanted all those years. Except now that I had it, I felt as empty as this unkempt pool I was dangling my legs into.” (Hosseini 85)

Earlier in the book, before this excerpt, Amir and Hassan were in a big kite battle and won. Amir and Hassan’s kite was the last one in the sky. Amir however, wanted the blue kite that was falling so that he could show it to his father and then hi father might love him more. Hassan is one of the greatest kite runners ever so he runs of to catch the kite for his friend. After a while, Hassan never comes back so Amir goes out to look for him. Amir finally spots Hassan in an alley with the blue kite. However, he is trapped because Assef, the bully, and Assef’s two friends have confronted him. Amir just stands there peeking aroun the corner, watching. First they ask Hassan for the kite but he says, no it is for Amir. Hassan doesn’t end up giving them the kite but he is hurt by Assef. Amir however runs off acting as if he never saw what had happened. He soon sees Hassan walking back with the blue kite and thanks him for getting it, and doesn’t mention a thing about what happened. Hassan got the kite for his friend and wanted to give it to him no matter what the expense was. Amir ends up showing the kite to his dad, Baba, who is very pleased. Hassan, however, stays in his shack ‘sleeping’ because he is tired. Amir now hangs out with his dad more, as seen from the excerpt above, but he doesn’t hang out with Hassan anymore. The flag made Amir’s father happy and his friend sad. Although now that he has his father he probably feels empty, still, because he no longer has his friend.

If Hassan had given Assef the kite, Amir probably wouldn’t want to be Hassan’s friend anymore although Hassan probably wouldn’t be in his shack all the time either. They might have even made up and become friends again.

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The Kite Runner ~ Reading Response #2

“Hassan held the slingshot pointed directly at Assef’s face. His hand trembled with the strain of the pulled elastic band and beads of sweat erupted on his brow.

‘Please leave us alone, Agha,’ Hassan said in a flat tone.” (Hosseini 42)

In this part of the book, a bully, Assef, confronts Amir and Hassan. Assef doesn’t like how Amir hangs out with a Hazara, Hassan, and gets out his brass knuckles. Assef is right about to beat up Amir when Hassan gets out his slingshot and tells Assef to go away. Hassan thinks that Amir is his friend and stands up for the both of them while Amir is lost in thought, wondering if he considers Hassan a friend or servant. Amir doesn’t stand up for himself and not even for Hassan. Hassan however stands up for the both of them to one of the worst bullies ever. Hassan feels like he should protect Amir and wants to do anything for him. This might hurt Hassan in the long run or at least get him into trouble. Amir probably won’t stand up for him either unless something happens and Amir becomes more confident in himself to stand up for his friend and himself.

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The Kite Runner ~ Reading Response #1

“Sometimes, up in those trees, I talked Hassan into firing walnuts with his slingshot at the neighbor’s one-eyed German shepherd. Hassan never wanted to, but if I asked, really asked, he wouldn’t deny me.” (Hosseini 3-4)

“My favorite part of reading to Hassan was when we came a big word that he didn’t know. I’d tease him, expose his ignorance… ‘Let’s see. Imbecile. It means smart, intelligent. I’ll use it in a sentence for you. When it comes to words, Hassan is an imbecile.’

‘Aaah,’ he said, nodding.

I would always feel guilty about it later.” (Hosseini 28-29)

In the book, two friends, Amir and Hassan, grow up together. Hassan is a servant for Amir’s family and is illiterate. Amir, however, goes to school and knows how to read and write. Amir reads stories to Hassan who likes to listen to the stories Amir tells him. Amir takes advantage of his friend, a lot, who doesn’t even know he is being taken advantage of. Hassan believes him and doesn’t even become a little suspicious. If Amir keeps taking advantage of Hassan, even though he feels guilty about it after, he might get Hassan into trouble or embarrass Hassan who probably thinks he is learning a lot of big words that he might be able to use. If Amir wants to stay friends with Hassan he should probably stop taking advantage of him and tell him the truth.

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They Poured Fire On Us From the Sky ~ Reading Response #5

“Any visitor who came to the camp could only go around the community accompanied by three officers. When they came to visit our house, one officer would arrive first and instruct us, “There is a visitor, so please keep quiet and we will explain everything to him.” They didn’t want us to speak. If the visitor asked about something, they were ready with an answer that made themselves look good.”

In this part of the book, which is nearing the end, they are stuck in a camp where officers do not let anyone escape and everyone is stuck in the middle of nowhere where they can’t be found. If someone does come the officers make everyone else quiet and make themselves look great by acting that everyone was fine and they didn’t need anything. All of the boys however, belived that the officers were telling the complete opposite of what was really happening which made them really angry. If I was one of those boys I would try to tell the visitor the real truth without letting the officers see or notice me. The boys are stuck in a camp run by ruthless officers and if they try to escape they are cruely punished. If I was in that situation I would feel like there is no reason to continue and if I escaped I would just be returned.

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They Poured Fire On Us From the Sky ~ Reading Response #4

“We ran into a person from the Acholi tribe and he gave us directions. But Joseph realized this person wasn’t directing us well. Joseph said, ‘Follow me.’”

Right now in the book, it is really hard to trust strangers and pretty much anybody because you can never know whether or not they are telling the truth. They might even lead you into an ambush. On the other hand, they might tell you the right directions. Or just lead you in circles. Fortunately, Joseph has a faint knowledge of the corect direction. If they didn’t have Joseph, they might have been caught by tribes or worse.

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