They Poured Fire On Us From the Sky ~ Reading Response #3

“One night that lion, nyanjuan, came while we were sleeping. It picked up a boy sleeping near me. ‘Help, help,’ I cried.

     All I saw was a blur of his body and heard his last cry echoing as he disappeared into darkness. In the morning we found the blood and some remnants, his hand, legs, and head. His eyes had been gashed all out. When the nyanjuan eats you, it gashes out the eyes, eats the guts and stomach, and only leaves legs and hands so that you cannot be recognized. When you don’t have eyes, it is terrible.” (Alepho 115)

          This excerpt from, They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky, states just one example of a danger the Lost Boys encountered. These boys are being pushed away from their villages, seperated from their families, and stuck in a forest where they have to worry every night about being bombed, or eaten by a lion just because of a war which they don’t even understand. If I was Alepho and was laying on the ground and saw a boy get taken by a lion I wouldn’t know what to do. I would most likely never be able to sleep, and would be sad for not being able to help the boy who is now spread out on the ground missing his eyes.


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