Chinese Cinderella ~ Vignette #4

Wu Mei has found true friendship with Wu Chun Mei.  Write about the most significant friendship you have had thus far.

         One of the most significant friendships I have had so far would either be my friend, James, Jerrod, Kelly, Shannen, Jordan, or Melissa, it is very hard to choose just one. My friend Jerrod is one of the only people I first knew here at HTHNC because he went to my middle school. While our moms are helping out with the art program at Reidy Creek Elementary, we can hang out and fuse glass, play with clay, or play Xbox360. He is also one of the only people I invite over to hang out besides those who come over for school work. My friends Jordan and Melissa went to my middle school but don’t go to HTHNC. Everyday after school Jordan, Melissa, and I would walk home together because our houses were all on the way to school with Jordan being the closest to school and me being the farthest. Sometimes in the mornings, I would ride to school with Jordan and on the way back from school we would meet up with Melissa who would be walking home and we’d stop riding and walk our bikes with her. If my mom picked me up from school we would stop on the way and pick up and drop off Melissa. My friend Shannen was always there with me while we were the only eighth graders in a sixth grade class, helping out because we were teachers aids. In class, we’d sit in the very back at a table and received a few questionable glares from the students. We had many inside jokes that I do not want to really get into. I really wish I had the time to talk about each of my many friends… 🙂


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