Chinese Cinderella ~ Vignette #3

Wu Mei witnesses Little Sister getting beat by Niang.  She herself is punished for not apologizing about the tram money. Question:  What do you think is the best way to discipline a child? or teenager?

          The best way to discipline a child or teen depends on what you’re disciplining the child or teen for. A child who is not sharing really just needs a time out and a talk. However, if he or she hit someone, then he or she should get a longer timeout, something taken away, and a talk. If it is a teenager, they should get something taken away like their cellphone, computer, video games, TV, or even to not allow he or she to not hang out with any friends. You could even have him or her write an essay on what they did wrong and what they should have done. I believe that if someone does something wrong they should be disciplined in someway, so that it is less likely that they do it again. If he or she is not disciplined, he or she might think that it is okay and continue doing whatever they aren’t supposed to be doing such as not sharing or hitting.


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  1. 1

    miranda said,

    Your background looks nice, o and where’s your answer to the question? that’s silly…

  2. 3

    katie said,

    I didn’t really read this vignette, but I’m sure its amazing..

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