Chinese Cinderella ~ Vignette #2

Wu Mei’s grandmother Nai Nai dies and she is forced to spend the night in the room with Nai Nai’s body. Write about your first experience with death.

          My first experience with death would be when my mom put her cat, Max, to sleep but I barely remember how I felt because it didn’t have a very big impact on me mainly because I was really little and because he was a really mean cat.

          I have also had numerous fish that died but I quickly got over them. 

          My second experience with death would be when my great grandpa died but it also didn’t have a very big impact because I was really little.

          One of my most recent experiences with death and the one with the biggest impact would be when my aunt, died. She was really close to my family and we’d go all the way up to Palm Springs to see her, my uncle, my cousins, my grandpa, and the rest of the family. My Aunt had breast cancer and she had been fighting it for a while, she started to get better but then got a lot worse until the doctors said they couldn’t do any more. My family went up to visit her in the hospital a couple times and then I started to go up with just my dad and visit her over the weekends. It was really sad to see her laying there in bed incapable of doing anything. Once she passed away my family went to my Aunt’s funeral which was really long and sad. At least she is no longer in any pain or misery.

          Soon after my great grandma passed away because of old age. My dad and I went up there for the funeral while my mom and brother stayed home because my mom had to teach and my brother had school. I wasn’t as close to my great grandma as my aunt mainly because my great grandma only spoke Italian and I couldn’t understand her and could only guess, however sometimes I wished I could understand what she said.


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    Mrs. C said,

    Thank you for sharing so much. That was incredible of you to visit your Aunt so much. There are so many people young and old who wouldn’t take the time to do something like that.

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