Chinese Cinderella ~ Vignette #1

‘Describe a time in your childhood when you won an award or medal.’

          In first, second, or third grade at North Broadway Elementary School, I was chosen as the one student representing my grade level and I received an award for doing such a great job. I went to the district office one night with my mom and dad, and stood in the front of a room crowded with people with four other students one representing each of the first through fifth grades and a few others from the other schools in the district. Right now I can’t remember what the award was exactly for but I do know that I was the only on in my grade to receive it which made me feel very proud of myself. At the end of the ceremony meting type thing I was leaving with my happy family when one of the teachers gave me a little bag of candy which made me even happier because you can’t eat an award but you can eat chocolate. Later on that week during Friday morning assembly, I was called up in front of the whole school with the couple other students and was recognized once again. I want to keep doing great in school even if I don’t receive an award for doing so because the feeling of having done my best still makes me feel great. Although not as great as if i got chocolate. 😉


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  1. 1

    Mrs. C said,

    Anthony you are doing great and I will give you chocolate soon!

  2. 2

    James Kwan said,


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