The American Revolution

The Revolutionary War started because Great Britain was taking advantage of the American colonies. The colonists were first angered by the excessive taxes imposed by the King of England. Then, once the colonists started to get rebellious, the King sent British soldiers to watch over them and keep piece. This only angered the colonists even more as some of them had to house the soldiers, and provide food and goods. In 1774, a Continental Congress, composed of 55 delegates from 12 colonies, including George Washington and John Adams, drew up a declaration for independence. One of the first big motions towards freedom. During the Revolutionary War, George Washington, the future president, was named Commander-in-Chief, the Declaration of Independence was signed, Washington moved his army to Valley Forge and won, gaining an alliance with France in the process. On September 28, 1781, the Battle of Yorktown, Virginia began, and by October 19, the British General, Charles Cornwallis surrendered. The British then left Savanna, Georgia on July 11, 1782, and Carleston, South Carolina on December 14 of the same year. The Americans signed a final peace treaty in Paris, known as the Treaty of Paris, on September 3, 1783.

After learning about the American Revolution, we picked nine important events that happened, illustrated each one, and then put them together in a visual timeline, or comic strip. The events that I chose were:


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