Internship Photos

Me sitting at a computer in the Doctor's Rounds Room where I spent time working and compiling data about antibiotic resistance.

A plate from the on-site lab, where a bacteria's resistance to different antibiotics, found on the impregnated white discs, is tested.

A fridge in the lab, where new culture plates are stored.

An autoclave where bacteria is killed off of different instruments and materials that are sterilized

General surgery instruments, laying out to dry after being cleaned.

The pre-op room with an anesthetic machine in the background, and the patient monitor above it.

A surgery suite, a sterile room with another anesthetic machine and a prepared surgical pack that holds the sterile instruments and rolls out onto the table.

Different types of suture materials, including some for skin that do not dissolve and some for certain tissues that dissolve in the body after awhile.

The digital x-ray room, where a sensor plate under the table captures a view of the inside of a cat or dog.


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