Podcast Project


I belive that I have greatly improved with speaking Spanish. I feel that I have grown, because I have taken less time forming sentences or putting together a conversation and I have been able to translate many words without looking them up in my dictionary  or composition book. I am also much more confident about being able to speak in Spanish.

During my first podcast I paused a lot and  could  not come up with anything to say. It was very challenging for me to put together words to make complete, grammatically correct, sentences and for people to understand what I was saying. On my sixth podcast I felt like I was speaking at a more understandable rhythm and I felt that I could understand things much clearer. By my twelfth podcast I was able to speak almost naturally and understand almost everything that was said during the conversation.

In Crash’s final podcasts I noticed that he was able to self correct himself if he used the wrong verb conjugation. Crash’s podcasts improved greatly the more he practiced speaking. His pronunciation also improved through saying familiar words that he understood. I saw how he was having trouble at his first podcasts and they sounded scripted but once he understood what he was saying and felt more confident, she was able to correct himself and make his podcasts flow more naturally. I think Crash has made a great improvement on his spanish speaking abilities and on his understanding of the foreign language Spanish.














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