Disc Design

Before we started working on our disk design project we first looked at other people’s disk designs on the internet and chose one we liked. While looking at some of the different disk designs from websites that Ms. Petrick gave us I found one that I liked. I then answered questions about it. This helped me familiarize myself with looking at, and critiquing  a disc design, that could help me make my disc design look great.…

1. What stands out the most when you first look at this disc art?

-The colors are bright and the images flow together.

2. What feelings and meaning does this artwork invoke?

-Festive, energetic, ecstatic, dynamic

3. Would you hire this person based on their disc design? Why or why not?

-Probably not, because the design doesn’t have too much character or personality and there is no way of knowing whether or not the design of disk was entirely hand created or just taken from othe images and pieced together.

4. What could they add or take away from this piece?

-The background of the disk takes too much away from the foreground and distracts you from the title and images.

5. How could you create a similar design, but make it your own?

-Add more colors, make the background less distracting, and add more personality.

I think my disc design represents who I am in many ways. First of all, I made my disk monochromatic green because green is my favorite color. I also made the background change change in shade as it radiates out from the center of the disk for a sense of symmetry. I then downloaded many different brushes from various websites to create the splattered ink effect and scanned in a picture of an elephant I drew. I think the abstract ink splatters and drips represent how much I like drawing, painting, and art in general. They also represent how things in my life are never perfect. The image of an elephant represents how much I like them, and again my passion for drawing and art. My name is at the top of the disk with ink running down the sides of the text.

Class Stop Motion

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Individual Stop Motion

Door Scene

We learned to create our first storyboard for filming. It was rough, but we ended up creating multiple drafts that were extremely detailed. We incorporated what shots we wanted to film; such as medium shots, wide shots, close up, panning view, jump cuts, pretty much any detail that we wanted to film. With our storyboard, someone could see what the video will end up looking like. For the door scene, we were to build tension of someone opening a door. We needed to create suspension, so by drawing out the scenes to be long shots, we were able to do so.

We started off creating a rough storyboard. We then drew up a revised storyboard and they were switched around so we could see the meaning of why storyboards need to include ALL thoughts and ideas. Without being descriptive, one wouldn’t be able to film what the creator wanted.

First Draft:

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Second Draft:

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For this project, we had to create a poster for the organization Wildcoast. The goal of the project was to make a poster that makes people want to attend the event, The Tijuana River Valley Spring Cleanup. Before we started the project, we had a guest speaker from Wildcoast speak to us so that we could be aware of the problem.  First, I had to create a pitch for the poster. The pitch included the answers to the following questions; how will you make your poster attention grabbing, what story is the poster going to tell us, what colors will you use and why, what font or typography will you use, what slogan will you use if any? example “pollution has no boarders”, and what background photos or images do you plan on using? I looked for posters that caught my attention  found a poster I liked. It was simple and to the point.

Poster Pitch:

1. How will you make your poster attention grabbing?
The poster will grab peoples’ attention with its bright and vivid colors.
2. What story is the poster going to tell us?
The oceans are full of trash and diseases and they need to be cleaned before everything dies.
3. What colors will you use and why?
We will use bright and contrasting colors that make the images pop
4. What font or typography will you use?
We don’t know what font we will use yet.
5. What slogan will you use if any? example “pollution has no boarders”
We will not use a slogan as of right now.
6. What background photos or images do you plan on using?
We will use photos of trash and water (the ocean) and possibly fish.

First Draft:

Second Draft:

WiLDCOAST Commercial:

Commercial Idea:

The Commercial will be built around a more saddening emotion, it not maybe a sense of despair and visualizing change. Music will be based around something attention grabbing and bring feeling into the mood. We probably won’t make extra shoots but just in case, we could. There will most likely be animations and drawings in the video. It might be a stop motion if we have enough time to make it one.

First Draft:

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Second Draft:

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I have learned that the trash from the Tijuana River Valley flows into our streams and our oceans. I feel that I have a resposibility to the environment because we live in this world and it is our fault for letting trash become a problem. Some techniques that were used were a sad song to create a dramatic tone, a happy song to portray what is right, and the dramatic shots of pollution to grab attention. Some changes that were made from the first draft were, a smoother intro thats fades in from black, smoother transitions between the clips, the music is timed a little better, the shots are all the same size, and the text was moved from the end of the video to the middle. The text is also visible for a longer time allowing a viewer to see and remember the information. From this project I have learned how to create something from what was given, make something of a higher quality, and to meet all of the requirements, such as adding in the correct text, and logos. I think the commercial is more influential to somebody because the actual videos of the pollution helps people visualize the devastation.

Phone Call Project


-Napoleon Dynamite dials phone-

-Julio’s phone rings he answers but doesn’t say anything –

Napoleon Dynamite – Hello?

Julio – I cant find the cream cheese…

Napoleon Dynamite – Who’s This?

Napoleon Dynamite – Pedro…?

Julio – No, it’s not Pedro. You said the cream cheese was in Charlene’s desk.

Napoleon Dynamite – What the heck are you even talking about?

Julio – The cream cheese, you said it was on Charlene’s desk. I need to get it for Jacob. Do you know where it is?

Napoleon Dynamite – No unless he likes fish.

Julio – Why would he like fish? Is the cream cheese by the fish?

Napoleon Dynamite – What?

Julio – Fish? Where is the cream cheese?

Napoleon Dynamite – Who’s this?

Julio – Ugh. Never-mind … I found the cream cheese. Ms. M stole it. She says your uncle gave it to her.

Napoleon Dynamite – My Uncle Rico’s an IDIOT!

Julio- I know right, it is Charlene’s cream cheese

Napoleon Dynamite – Ugh!


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